Pay Per VIDEO (PPV) vs Memberships EXPLAINED

Pay Per Video

The PPV option lets you purchase my videos individually to stream and view if you are not ready to get a membership. Once you purchase a video it will be available in your account for viewing. Feel free to browse my amazing videos!

*Please Note that you’ll end up spending way more per video in the long term vs a Membership/Subscription.


The Best Deals are my Silver, Gold, and Platinum memberships, ESPECIALLY with the Platinum Membership because you SAVE MONEY by getting access to ALL my slutty videos of me Sucking and Fucking Fans like you!

*Average cost of a video to view for 1 year is under $2 with a Platinum Membership.

PLUS my Premium Snapchat is FREE! ($150 Value)

My Premium Snapchat gives you a sneak peak into my daily life! You’ll be able chat one on one with me and see daily videos and pics of me being naughty, slutty and freaky out in public. You’ll also get a Chance to meet me by Entering my FanBang Club!! If you don’t know what that is then you’re definitely missing out!

So CUM Inside and Let’s Have Some FUN! See you on the Naughty side!


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