2 Cream Pies Back 2 Back

I dug this never released video that I shot a few years ago out of my vault! I had arranged for 2 fans to cum over and fuck me and give me cream pies at the same time and have my camera guy film it. However one of the fans cancelled because his wife was getting back home early and she was going to wonder where he was. So I changed plans last minute and decided to have my fan fuck me and give me a cream pie and then fuck my camera guy right after for another hot cream pie. Of course my camera guy was so ecstatic that my other fan cancelled LOL 

My fan came over and I started sucking his cock and then rode him reverse cowgirl. He fucked me so good until he came and shot a big load in my pussy. After he was done, my camera guy then hopped on behind me and started pounding me Doggie after sucking his cock for a few minutes. He shot a huge load in my pussy! You could hear me push it out then see it drip and ooze out of my slutty pussy. It was so fucking HOT!!

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 by ChicagoMx on 2 Cream Pies Back 2 Back

So incredibly sexy, wish I could get in there and give her a third. Got to meet her at Chicago Exxxotica and would’ve so done a video with her given the chance.

 by Puffin on 2 Cream Pies Back 2 Back

Jade just gives great head and the way she rides cock is just, fuck, too sexy. Cant even imagine how good she could make someone feel riding the way she does in this video, plus her body is perfect. Thanks for the great content.

 by Ajaxxx1387 on 2 Cream Pies Back 2 Back

This is like my 5th time watching this. I still can’t believe the idiot who did not get the chance, one to meet Jade, but to fuck her and dump a load in her. Seriously all her work is great. But man, this video just makes me think about how if I was selected, I would never waste the chance to meet and fuck her. Considering this is my 5th time, and counting to watch and masturbate to this video, I say definitely 5 star material. You all will watch it over and over like I did.

 by Jorge Parra on 2 Cream Pies Back 2 Back

love the way you moan ???????????? he definitely filled you up with cum it was so hot watching it drip out of you

 by Ebro on 2 Cream Pies Back 2 Back

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Jade has been putting up videos like crazy and being a platinum member (getting a heads up on Snapchat) I am able to keep up. So this video I was definitely curious. Jade as we all know is beautiful and her body is built for fucking. (No lovey dovey) This video proves my point. What a slut she is. Nothing wrong with that. I love it!!! This is exactly how this slut should be treated. She meets up with one guy and afterwards with another guy and let’s them both creampie that pussy. I would had dumped my load in there as well to add to the mix. Her head game again like in my previous post on here is top notch. Lots of eye contact and dirty talk (I love her dirty talk). The first guy gets a treat. She introduces the video and immediately she couldn’t wait to suck cock. She drops to her knees and fucks his cock with her mouth. Great sucking and this last about 3 maybe 4 mins of sucking cock. We get a nice view of her ass. Then they both move to the bed and she rides him all the way. He is gripping her waist and she is riding him and around 7:30 of the video he pops inside her. It oozes out slowly and she thanks him. There is a break in action then we cut to her sucking dick again. This time it’s the luckiest man in the galaxy (yep the camera man) she blows him for a bit then he starts to fuck her from behind. She loves the attention. Finally blowing his thick load in her and it plops out and lands on the bed. Very hot. 5 Stars all the way.

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