I Love Fucking My Fans


So by now most of you already know that I LOVE fucking my fans and for those of you that don’t ….Yes, I actually do SUCK and FUCK my fans !!

When you log in the Platinum members area of my website, there will be a page to access and fill out my online form to enroll in my Fan Bang Club. You will now be one step closer to fucking me!

I randomly select up to 10 Platinum members on the 15th of every month to fuck. We can make our own video to post on my website too or just meet up and fuck. It’s up to you! But I do prefer taking pictures and making videos so I can keep this website going with all the naughty content generated by you guys! Haha…

What this means is that you will get 120 chances a year to meet and fuck me and my girlfriends that I hang out with! Some months, I may select even more members which will increase your chances! I live in Tampa, FL so it helps if you are in my area. But if you don’t live in Tampa, that’s not a problem. I take out of state applications lol…. so you can CUM to me or if I just happen to be in your city then I’ll CUM to you! 

I’ll be waiting for you to CUM inside! I’m so excited to suck and fuck all of you guys!

Jade xoxo

I’ll be waiting for you to CUM inside!

Enroll in Jade’s Fan Bang Club!
(Platinum Members Only)

I’ll be waiting
for you to CUM inside!