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I’ve been wanting to make more videos of fans fucking me outside or out in public so I decided to fuck my next Fan Bang winner outdoors! I bought a nice day bed and set it up right outside my RV. It was a little risky because it’s in a nice RV resort and I have neighbors and people walking by. I took a big risk but it paid off well because the video turned out AMAZING!

So this particular Fan Bang Winner won 3 years ago but he wasn’t able to redeem his win because of his hectic work schedule. We just couldn’t get the timing right until recently. He was finally able to cum over and fuck my pussy!! He gave me a big facial and cream pie!

When he got here, I immediately unzipped his pants and started sucking his cock outside in broad daylight. There were people walking by but it was hot and kind of risky. We could’ve easily gotten caught fucking which I found to be super hot! I was slurping and gagging on his cock and then he started titty fucking me until he couldn’t hold it any longer and busted a huge load all over my slutty face. That was the first load. “Load 1 Done!” I said with a big smile and cum dripping down my chin! LOL I then told him to fuck me doggy so he took my booty shorts off and got me on all fours and started pumping my slutty pussy like crazy! Then it was time to switch positions because I wanted to ride his cock so bad. I rode him while he was thrusting deep into my pussy and it made me orgasm so HARD! You could see my wet pussy juices on his dick. It was SO HOT!

We switched to reverse cowgirl for the finale. I rode his cock until he couldn’t hold it any longer and he busted a HUGE load in my pussy resulting in a delicious cream pie that I happily scooped out of my slutty pussy and ate all up! WOW what a video. I think this is one of my all time favorites! But I’ll let you be the judge! Enjoy!

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 by #1 FAN in St. Pete on Fan Cream Pies Me Outside 

Im sure it goes without saying, but Jade is an absolute GODDESS. This is one of the best scenes on her entire site!! Being 100% honest, i barely ever make it past the dirty talking POV tittyfucking that leads to the first cumshot around the 8 min mark. Everything after that is a bonus lol. Just one of the sexiest women on the planet fucking, talking dirty, moaning etc like only she can do. I honestly get a bit jealous of the lucky dude here because everything from the outfit, to the tittyfucking, to the creampie and in between feel like they were pulled from my deepest fantasies lol. I could watch this scene over 100x over and still bust everytime, like ive never seen it before.

 by Tony T on Fan Cream Pies Me Outside 

There is no one better than Jade. She is our Slut Queen.

Love cowgirl and reverse cowgirl! Glad there is plenty of both in this vid 🤤

Cumshot 1 @7:30 mouth/swallow
Cumshot 2 cream pie @23:36-23:40 ish

Ladies and gentlemen

Starts with a quick intro and some great visuals of her tits pussy and them nice cheeks. Fun starts @1:54 with a kneeling blowjob. You can tell she loves to suck cock. Sucking on his head then going in a bit deep. The eye contact does it for me. Her eyes while sucking cock could push me over the edge. There’s some tit fucking and her dirty talk especially when she says “you have some big daddy balls for me” and she sucks them. (It’s crazy, true slut) @7:26 he tells her he is about the cum while she is tit fucking his cock. Then she takes his cock into her mouth for the first load. She jerks/stroke and suck while he is coming (which is extremely hot cause she is looking right at us (camera). @8:17 starts to suck him off to get him up. Does not take long. @9:29 he enters her doggie and I love that view. She looks so good bending over. This woman’s body was made to fuck.@10:03 she is fucking him back (hottttt) @12:35 she mounts him and rides in cowgirl. Best view of her pussy with a horny cock in her and also a great view of her tiny asshole. 17:28 loving her fuck face while she reverse cow girl. She rides him and even the crows are enjoying it as you can hear them calling over more crows to see this performance. I can tell he struggles and let’s it loose and shoots his cum in her. Her pussy drained his balls. This was certainly a hot video and I have pleasured myself to this one. Thanks Jade and fan!!!

 by Expat337 on Fan Cream Pies Me Outside 

“I love being a cum dumpster for my fans!” – Jade Jayden
Jade we love that you love it…and we suspect you love being a cum dumpster for yourself, all man-kind and just generally as well :)

Fucking Jade outdoors has always been on my To-Do list with Jade and 2023 will be the year to mark this off my list! I really love the set-up of the outdoor patio here with the damn near see-through fence! Mr Stuntcock was ready for action after seeing Jade in that slutty strippery outfit with her tits bursting and awesome ass showing. Jade gave this guy some tremendous head like she always does and like the good cum dumpster that she is took it right in her mouth and enjoyed her reward.

A true cum dumpster doesn’t settle for 1 load nor does she settle for not getting creampied. So Jade gets Mr Stuntcock hard as a rock again and presents him with a doggy style view that no man could turn down. He goes to immediately grabbing those amazing hips and pumping her hard! Some cowgirl followed by some reverse cowgirl and load 2 dumped appropriately inside this cum dumpsters ultra slutty pussy!

Jade is the best!

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