Cream Pie from RENO Guy

Another Fan Bang Winner taps my Pussy! He came to see me from Reno, Nevada. I dressed up as a Naughty Secretary for some little role play. He requested this outfit because he saw it on my snapchat and instagram and loved it. He came in and we kissed and chatted a little on camera and then went straight to the bed. I sucked his cock and gagged on it for a bit and then he laid me on my back and started fucking me missionary. We role played on camera and I asked him for a raise because I was doing such a good job sucking his cock and opening my legs for him. I was putting in the “overtime” to please the BOSS! LOL He said he wanted to blow a load in my pussy. I said “Yes, Boss!” so he flipped me over and fucked me doggy while pulling my hair and calling me a big office slut. I told him I was about to cum from him pounding me so hard and that put him over the edge and we both came together at the same time. IT WAS SO FUCKING HOT! I felt his cum shoot so deep in my pussy that only some dripped out. This was a really hot role play video if you are into the naughty secretary look 😈

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 by Ebro on Cream Pie from RENO Guy

Cumshot at : 13:15
Where: cream pie

Another classic!!!! The videos keeps getting better. Add this one to the vault for the greatest hits. In the first minute and change is an intro with Jade and her “business attire” and a quick interview with the fan. They make out a bit and then the Jayden drop at 2:10 just shortly after she moves her hair out of the way. Great cock sucking for a bit. At 3:25 some good sucking with no hands. I really love the glasses look. From 6:55 and on it’s some good fucking. Her tits bouncing and he really puts in work. Her fuck faces were amazing. He ends it doggiestyle with one leg up and explodes inside of her. Once again classic video and I love her slutty stockings.

 by Ricky on Cream Pie from RENO Guy

I am so glad i joined, Jade is a sexy goddess and this scene was fire omg i will be here for a long time!!!!!

 by Steven Rubi on Cream Pie from RENO Guy

Jade never disappoints with her fine ass body . She fucks and sucks like a champ wish it was me getting all that ass and pussy

 by Simon on Cream Pie from RENO Guy

So fucking hot! Just hoping to one day be the lucky guy to get selected

 by Ajaxxx1387 on Cream Pie from RENO Guy

So fucking hot. Seriously you look so amazing, but this outfit was just awesome. This is why I redid my membership, cause you put out amazing videos but also to have the chance to possibly fuck you. I have so much cum I want to blow deep inside your pussy. I hope you make it to Wisconsin so I can eat and then blow a huge load inside you.

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