My Very First BBC

It was 2011. I was 19 at the time and this was my very first BBC. It was way before I started my Fan Bang Club with Fans for this site. His name was Jason and I met him through the same mutual friend that had introduced me to Dredd. I hadn’t fucked Dredd yet at the time or recorded the now famous video LOL. We met up at a hotel in Miami, but what was so funny is that I ended going back to the same hotel to meet up with Dredd a year or so later as you can tell from this video. So my first and second BBC were at the same hotel in Miami haha.

Anyways, I put my butt plug in my ass and decided to go meet him at the hotel lobby bar for a drink to get comfortable with him before I brought him back to my room to fuck me! My camera guy waited upstairs and got the camera set up and ready to record the whole thing. He was so excited that I was going to do my first BBC! He asked if I could give him a quick BJ and stick it in for a little bit before I met up with him. I knew he was so turned on thinking about what was going to happen next so I said why not. I love to please! I sucked him off and fucked him for a couple of mins then left to go meet up with Jason downstairs. He made me promise to take his load right after I got fucked by Jason’s big black cock. LOL I thought that would be a great idea and super hot!

Shortly after that Jason came up to the room with me. I started sucking his big black cock and gagging on it. It was pretty huge. He was pretty rough with me. He smacked my ass, fucked my face and choked me while we fucked but I loved it. I fucked him cowgirl, missionary, and doggy. Both him and the camera guy were commenting on how big of a slut and whore I am at 19 while I was being recorded and it was turning me on so much that I came so hard. Jason blew a nice thick hot load all over my face. It was so much cum that he offered me a towel. I said “no I’m not done yet, I need to get another load”. I started sucking on the camera guys dick while I still had cum all over my face from Jason’s big black cock. I swallowed my second load after I’ve been fucked each and every way til Sunday….It was AMAZING!!! I was such a nasty slut in this one. This video is FIRE!!!!

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 by Erik on My Very First BBC

Definitely my favorite video on here. A young naughty Jade taking a bbc. I came to this video so many times. Hope she does more interracial scenes they are my favorites. Love to see her suffer with a big cock in that pussy. Thanks for uploading scenes like these, such a fantasy.

 by Ezra V on My Very First BBC

This woman never disappoints over the past 4 years I’ve been viewing her videos. And to watch her get fucked so hard by a BBC and take it like the fuck Queen she is, is truly hot. One of the hottest things is after she sucks her camerman off and swallows his cum, she’s waving good bye and the guy slides back into her for another round. Her face is so sexy. One of my favorite videos ever!

 by Christian on My Very First BBC

Damn Jade can take a BBC hard and rough like a good girl! Not to mention how naughty she is before shooting she really loves cock! I swear she loves what she does! Was so hot when she had that plug in her tight ass and was begging for that cock before the BBC arrived! She really loves getting manhandled and getting choked while taking that cock nice and rough! I love your videos jade! So happy I became a fan!! ????

 by Vinnie on My Very First BBC

Might be an oldie. But, its definitely a goodie

 by Garrett on My Very First BBC

That’s so fucking hot watching you deepthroat that BBC. And watching you get fucked and destroyed by that BBC and that load of cum all over your face. I had to watch it twice. It made me cum both times. Such a balls drainer.

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