"Nurse Jade" Cream Pied

A fan wanted me to dress up as a Slutty Nurse and become “Nurse Jade”. He had a nurse fantasy that he wanted to fulfill. So I figured why not a little role playing. I put on a nurse hat and brought a stethoscope to put around my neck when I greeted him at the door LOL Of course my camera guy was there to record the whole thing. As soon as my fan walked in the door I wasted no time. I wanted to nurse his cock and drain his load into my tight wet pussy. So I got down on my knees and started sucking his cock. I gagged on it a lot in this video. It was so hot! At one point I took my stethoscope and pretended to listen to his heartbeat through his cock. LOL (Thought I’d add a little humor in there while I’m sucking cock LMAO). He then took me over the couch and started pounding my pussy doggy style. We switched positions on the bed and rode him cowgirl. He then pounded me doggy again on the bed. I sucked and gagged on his cock some more after that and then ended up with a nice cream pie in my pussy missionary style. You can watch it drip out of my pussy at the end. I sure did nurse his cock back to life and drained his balls full of cum. I was a big slutty nurse! This is a great video!  



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 by Simon on "Nurse Jade" Cream Pied

My god you are so fucking sexy, i would

give anything for that to be me.

 by John on "Nurse Jade" Cream Pied

Damn this was a sexy scene. I’m in love with the role-playing and you sucked that cock good after he pounded on your ass. I would like to have you take care of me someday when I’m feeling a little under the weather.

 by A Smith on "Nurse Jade" Cream Pied

First, that nurses outfit is amazing. Just watching you have fun in it was great. My favorite part was you pretending to look for a heartbeat in his dick, lol. Another great part y’all will love to see is when Jade is doggy on the couch, her looks she gives when looking back, amazing, almost makes one nut right there. I am so glad I reinstated my account after 2 months away.

 by Lcplquiroz on "Nurse Jade" Cream Pied

Nurse Jade Wow!
It always so damn fun to role play and having your fantasies come life. Especially when it is someone like Jade ;)
I’ve been a fan for some time but now I’m a member. All I know is that I should of had become one A LOT sooner!
Jade has such an amazing personality and I love her sense of humor. She knows how to have fun and enjoy the best things in life and I knew she loved her fans but wow!!!!
Talk about some love and affection!
I’ve never seen a girl have so much fun with a fan! She fucks them and makes sure they are very well pampered! Btw this girl has like no gag reflexes so brace yourself when you watch her go to action!
You don’t disappoint Jade!

 by Younggun30 on "Nurse Jade" Cream Pied

Fucckkk Jade ????????????????. You deserve an award for that cock sucking of a life time. I cant get over how damn good you sucked that meatballs sexy fat cock. I love watching you make average cocks cum because your so fucking erotically sexy. The way you attack a cock with your mouth is life changing. To experience a cock slobbering, and stroking like that cocks your own. Seeing his cock pound your salivating cunt. I give that man a round of applause enjoying a cock devouring of that caliber for that long. Fuck it must be incredible nutting to you sucking the cum out hammer strokin daddys beefy cock

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