Naughty School Girl Cream Pie

A Fan Bang winner wanted Julia to dress up as a Naughty School Girl with sexy stockings and heels. She thought that would be an awesome idea for a video! The video was shot on snapchat but it was so hot and so many people kept requesting it that we decided to make it available on my website. He came over and right away he started eating her ass and pussy out on the kitchen floor before they even made it to the bedroom…LOL After that she took him to the bedroom and gave him a long deep throated BJ for about 5 mins and then he titty fucked her for awhile before asking her to get on the edge of the bed so he can “fuck her throat” LOL

Then he ate her out for a little bit and climbed on top of her and started pounding her pussy like it was going out of style!! All the while he was calling her the filthiest and dirtiest names there is. He kept calling her “Princess” while still calling her his “dirty little whore” and “slut” was so funny and hot at the same time! She then took him to the living room to fuck her doggy and missionary on the couch and ended up with Cream Pie in her pussy…this Video was super hot and definitely worth a good Jerking by you guys!!! ENJOY!!!!

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I would creampie you in the back of a crowded bar if I had the chance

 by Ryanhelm on Naughty School Girl Cream Pie

More Julia Videos please!!!

 by Michael Vasquez on Naughty School Girl Cream Pie

Busted the biggest load watching this. Man I love all of Jade’s slutty friends. Dreaming for the day I get selected to fuck jade or her friends.

I love this video, wanted to post when I had finished watching, but I can’t get to the end without finishing if you get my drift. Julia makes such a sexy naughty school girl. There is a lot of dirty talk in this video and she is a bit submissive in it as well which just makes it all the more sexy if you are into that.

 by Chewsuff on Naughty School Girl Cream Pie

Such a hot video of Julia getting fucked. Those amazing curves devour that slutty schoolgirl outfit. And the way she sucks that dick just makes me wish and fantasize that it was me she’s devouring. Such a hot video and always so awesome you sexy ladies fuck your fans. Hope I get a chance in the near future with you sexy sluts

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