Fabulous Foursome

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This Fan Bang Winner felt like the luckiest fan ever!! He said we made his Dreams Cum true!! I knew it was his birthday so I wanted to do something special for him. I asked Kat and Julia to join me in sucking and fucking him. It was perfect timing that we were all able to make it work and meet up to have this epic foursome at Julia’s apartment. He fucked all 3 of us at the same time. He said it was his best birthday ever! He still emails me to this day and thanks me for setting it up for him. He’s definitely a platinum member for life haha…When I told him that he was going to fuck all 3 of us, he just couldn’t believe it because he’s never fucked 3 hot sluts at the same time and two of them are real blood sisters. So HOT!! He had just one request. He wanted to put butt plugs in all 3 of our asses then fuck us all with our butt plugs on. We loved that idea! Kat and I arrived at Julia’s apartment and we all set up the GoPros in the room we were going to fuck in. I had 5 GoPros to capture every angle of this Fuck Fest that was about to happen. LOL

He walked in and said hello and we chatted for a bit and my sister Julia immediately took him to the bedroom and started kissing him and then Kat walked in and got on her knees with Julia and undid his pants and started sucking his cock. I walked in and they had already started without me. LOL I joined in on the action and started sucking too. We moved over to the bed and Julia hopped on his face so he could eat her out while Kat and I sucked his cock. He ate Julia out and made her cum. Then Julia got off his cock and started sucking it while Kat ate me out. I was so turned on watching Kat eating me out while Julia sucked his cock that I came within a few minutes. Julia said “it’s time to put our butt plugs in!”. So we each took out our butt plugs and lubed up our asses so our Fan Bang Winner could insert each butt plug into our tight assholes. That was super hot! I’m so glad we got it all on camera! 
After he inserted the butt plugs, Kat and Julia were kissing him while I was going to town on his hard cock for a few minutes  sucking it so good. He couldn’t last any longer and busted a huge load in my mouth. I started kissing Kat and sharing his cum with her. Julia felt left out and asked if she could have some cum too so Kat started kissing and cum swapping with her the cum that I just had in my mouth. We all swallowed his cum that was shared. So HOT!!!! We took a 1 minute break and he was ready to go AGAIN! Julia wasted no time and was the first to hop on his dick and ride him. She was like a machine. She rode it like it was a rodeo. I pulled out my IPhone to record from a different angle on my snapchat and get his cock going into my sister’s wet pussy while she was wearing her sexy butt plug. She was screaming and moaning because he was drilling her fast and hard while the butt plug filled her bubbly ass. It was so intense for her that she lost it and came so hard on his cock. Julia hops off and then Kat says “My turn!” and hops on his cock and starts riding him like crazy while Julia slaps her ass. I pulled out my IPhone again and started recording Kat bopping up and down on his dick. Julia and I laid on the bed kissing him and watching Kat while smacking her ass as she rode him. Kat was riding him so hard that her butt plug popped out of her ass and we started laughing. She cums hard and then hops off and now it was my turn. I guess he wanted to save the best for last? haha JK….Anyways, he wanted to switch it up a bit and do doggy. Doggy is my favorite! I assumed the position and got on all fours. He started drilling my pussy fast with my butt plug on. It was AMAZING. I came again for a second time. He lays down on the bed and Julia asks if he had another one in him because she wanted a load in her mouth like I got. He says “Hell yeah”. So Kat and I lay next to him Kissing on him and talking dirty to him while Julia literally goes to town on his cock sucking it for at least 10 minutes straight while we watch. She was super determined to get that another load out of him and she did! We all watched and cheered her on and talked dirty to him while she worked his cock like it was going out of style. He busted another huge load in Julia’s mouth and she didn’t share LOL She swallowed it all! And said “All mine, mine mine mine!” She even licked and slurped up every last drop that dripped on his balls. She was so greedy!! You can even hear us in the video calling her Greedy LMAO!! 
We all laid together exhausted and pleased from all of the sucking, fucking and cumming. We all had a great time! It was truly an amazing foursome for us and for him of course! EPIC!!
You won’t last 5 mins in this video. It will be the best jerk off material for at least several weeks!!!! 

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 by Andrew K on Fabulous Foursome

This is hands down my favorite video. All three of you bombshells are fucking amazing. Fuck!!

 by Matt F on Fabulous Foursome

Dear god each video is hotter than the next, great foursome

 by Rubi on Fabulous Foursome

OMG !! 😜🤤🌮🍆 I didn’t realize Julia was going for another load after Jade came so I released mine when Jade came on his cock and you eat Kat. Good luck to the fan unless he drinks a energy drink or a nap 😴😂

 by Rolando Flores on Fabulous Foursome

I love it… I always fantasized about a bunch of female stars running a marathon on me to see how many loads I could bust and how many of their holes I could fill in a given amt of time… Most I ever busted was 8 times in a day (24 hrs).. slept like a baby

 by Rolando on Fabulous Foursome

All three of you gorgeous talented women. I wish you could train me for a day

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