BBC Fan Stretches Me Out!

This Fan Bang had one of the BIGGEST cocks I have ever sucked and fucked. He was right up there with Dredd, my other BBC fan. He told me to meet up with him at his hotel room. So when I got there we got right down to business. I unzipped his pants and here it was! That big ass cock LMAO. I couldn’t believe it. I was so scared of it because I didn’t know how I was going to fit it in my super tight pussy but I managed! He really stretched me out good. The next day I was limping and walking funny. OMG I was sore for several days. I made him wear a condom because he forgot to bring his test results. So guys, don’t forget to bring your test results when you cum over to fuck me! lol

Anyways, I started sucking his cock as much as I could but I was only able to fit a quarter of his length. OMG He was so thick and long. lol We did the missionary position then doggy and then he decided that he wanted to finish in mouth. He said get down on your knees so I can nut in your sexy mouth. I said “Ok Big Daddy!” LOL He gave me a good sized load and I swallowed it all like a good little SLUT! This video is short but super super hot if you guys are into seeing me getting stretched out by Big Black Cocks!

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I really enjoyed the way you moan when that big cock enters you pussy. I got me going. Love seeing the ASS. I think I am in love with Jade’s ass….

 by Thomas on BBC Fan Stretches Me Out!

Dear god I’m not afraid to say I’m a fan of BBCs myself and that is a beauty. Your voice and moans as you took that monster was amazing and seeing it shove deep into you nearly made me blow right away. Would have loved to share that with you.

 by Steven on BBC Fan Stretches Me Out!

Holy shit that was a Anaconda not a Cock but Jade was a champ and took care of that Huge Cock . You know she’s in shape bringing her pussy back to normal for her next fan hopefully it’s me ????

 by JadeChiFan on BBC Fan Stretches Me Out!

Short but great and sexy ass video. Really shows how talented Jade is at her art. This definitely needs a longer part 2 with a camera man present. And with plenty of Jade in it I keep going back to watch this vid.

 by Expat337 on BBC Fan Stretches Me Out!

Damn!!! Jade what were you thinking when that tank popped outta his pants?! The only thing I love more than watching you take a ginormous cock is taking it bareback – silly dude for not getting his test done! But seriously loved this video you did a great job handling that beast. The doggy style was hot!! Side note: why isn’t there more balance in the world? Dude needs 3” more rubber to fit all the way done and I have 3” extra lol)

Haha Expat337, That is a funny review! Love it! LOL

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