Valentine's Day Quickie

I had a fan cum over on Valentine’s Day for a quickie and we made a snapchat video. He came over around mid-afternoon and only stayed for 20 minutes because he had to hurry back before his girlfriend got home from work. He also had a few errands to run that included getting flowers, and a box of chocolates!! He also told me that he had made plans for dinner reservations with his girlfriend at a nice restaurant. What a sweetheart!! LMAO

He said that he couldn’t resist and had to see me on Valentine’s Day and give me his cock because he wasn’t sure that his girlfriend was going to put out that evening. LOL Oh that dirty dog! LOL He came over and we got right to it. He took off his clothes and hopped on the bed and I started sucking right away. I gagged on his cock multiple times and then he flipped me over to fuck me in missionary position. He fucked me good and hard for a couple of minutes. We then did doggy and I recorded us watching each other in the mirror while he was pounding me. It was so HOT! We did 69 and he shot a nice load in my mouth. I showed the camera the load I got and then swallowed. He got dressed and was on his way to go see his girlfriend for Valentine’s Day. LOL

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 by Ajaxx on Valentine's Day Quickie

So amazing. I Love how you try to get in the Holiday spirit, I’d love to fuck you on St Patty’s day, lol. Though when we finally meet I am gonna eat that pussy first. But honestly everything you put out is amazing. Can’t wait for you to cum to Wisconsin so we can make a video and I cum deep inside you.

 by Ajaxxx1387 on Valentine's Day Quickie

Always putting out great work. I love the closes up of you, sucking dick and any other especially when we get to see your eyes roll in the back of your head. No matter what you put out their the work is always amazing. You are amazing.

 by Steven on Valentine's Day Quickie

Left a let down , Jade takes care of businesses again , sucking and fucking another fan that needed pleasuring before his other date Lol .

I wish I lived closer that would have been me ????????????????????????????????

 by Wesley on Valentine's Day Quickie

Talk about living the dream! How Jade sucks and fucks is so good to watch, always helps me explode. Hope I can meet and fuck you one day! Im surprised you didn’t get creampied Jade, because I would have!

Now that is a fucking HOT VID!!!!!
I cant stop jerking to her moans, her body, that sexy pussy, and tight lil asshole.
I want to finally lose my V-kard to her sooooo fucking BAAAAAAAAD!!!!!
Lovw you Jade, keep making AWESOME VIDZ GIRL!!!!!

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