My Very First DP EVER!

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I invited two Fan Bang Winners over to film my VERY first DP Video. I started by sucking both of their cocks in the kitchen. I took turns on both of them deep throating and gagging on both of thiet cocks. Then I fit both of their cocks in my mouth and sucked on them and did my best to gag on them. Since I was about to do DP with them I wanted to try DP in my mouth too! LMAO! Then we moved to the bedroom and I spread my legs for both of them to start fucking me. For starters I took a cock on my mouth and a cock in my slutty wet pussy. I wore a butt plug in my tight little ass all day long to prepare for a cock in my ass and pussy at the same time. It was so hot walking around all day with that butt plug knowing I was going to do DP later that day. 
So I had a cock in my mouth and a cock in my pussy and they were both switching on both of my holes pounding my pussy and deep throating my mouth at the same time! Then it came down to the moment of truth, I hopped on him and started riding him as a cowgirl for a while and then the other fan slowly slipped his cock in my ass. They both went to town on my ass and pussy so pounding me so hard that I came so HARD. It was one of the best feelings I’ve had in a long time. It was truly AMAZING! 
I am glad I came first. Now it was their turn! I told them both to keep pounding me hard until they both came in my ass and pussy at the same time. I wanted to feel their cum shooting in both of my holes at the same time. So Hot!! They pounded me so hard for a while and then I felt him groan and shoot a big load in my pussy and then the other guy groaned too and just shot a massive load in my asshole. They both pulled out and my ass and pussy was dripping with so much cum. I was a good girl and cleaned all the cum off their cocks and everything that dripped out of my ass and pussy. It was so fucking good! 
But then there’s more!! Haha
The cameraman yells “That’s a wrap!” I say “Not so fast! I still need a load in my mouth to complete all my holes getting filled! I need to complete the TRIFECTA!”. So I unzipped his pants and started to suck and gag on his thick cock so I could get the third load in my slutty mouth. The other two guys stood there watching but then started getting turned on so one of them jumped right in and started fucking me doggy style while I was milking the cameraman to get my third load. Both fans started fucking me again and switching on me while I was working on my 3rd load! So hot! Finally my cameraman busted a huge load in my mouth and then I was satisfied!! You guys will definitely cum many many many times watching this. I don’t think anyone will be able to get through this whole video before cuming at least twice! 
Wow 3 HUGE loads!! One in my Pussy, one in my Ass, and one in my Mouth! I completed the TRIFECTA!! 

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 by Lilhue on My Very First DP EVER!

Man oh man where to start on this sexy instant classic!! Jade has proved herself as the sexiest sluttiest slut to walk on this earth!! Her taking on two fans at once one in her ass and another in her pussy is literally watching slutty art take place!! The way that she sucks and gags on them is just so sexy and the way she rides them both to town and back is just truly phenomenal! Especially shown here where she just takes it like a good slut!! Then to top it all off as a true slut and nympho. She sucks off her cameraman and gets loads in all her holes!! She is the slut’s slut!!

 by Kurt on My Very First DP EVER!

Jade does not disappoint in her first DP video. From the very start Jade shows her eagerness and attacks the fans cocks in the sexiest outfit showing off her insane body. The gents waste no time and start pounding her pussy while she devours a cock in her mouth. From there the scene escalates with both guys taking turns until the golden moment when Jade gets DP’d and its everything you could ever dream for.

Im shocked the guys lasted as long as they did. Jade gets filled with a massive amount of cum from the DP and just when you think it cant get any better she turns her direction to the cameraman and drains him as well.

This scene is a can’t miss and lives up to the hype. Jade is the ultimate cumslut and proves it here. Every video of hers keeps raising the bar. Another classic for Jade 10/10

 by Emanuel on My Very First DP EVER!

Man o man o man! What a scene! Love the way Jade brings in the energy right away after the gentleman arrive going down on both of them not sparing any inch! It’s so hot watching her enjoy herself while she’s sucking cock! Jade was in her element once she started to get her holes filled, seeing her get railed while a cock in her mouth is a thing of beauty! Once is got to the DP I couldn’t hold my load anymore! Hearing her moans get more and more intense was so hot you could tell she was melting from all that pleasure! Amazing scene from start to finish!

 by Jaime on My Very First DP EVER!

Wow! That is so hot how you jerk and suck both their cocks and balls. Of course I enjoy watching you get pounded with the butt plug still on then I get so hard when he removed it because now I know it is time for my favorite ANAL! The sight of your pretty tight hole wrapped around his cock is amazing. I know that guy definitely enjoyed every minute of it as well as the other guy pounding you. The hottest part was them cuming in unison. I know you must’ve enjoyed feeling that warm cum in your pussy. But the best part is the anal cream pie. I know he must’ve unloaded every single drop, cock throbbing as your tight hole kept squeezing, draining him of all his hot warm cum. The cum dripped out of your ass amazing! I came so hard watching that part! Super hot scene!

 by Erik on My Very First DP EVER!

Wow. Love seeing this girl try new things. She does it all b/b/g, g/g, interracial, anal…and everything in between. She sure knows how to please her fans and is always making new content. I’m a platinum member and always CUM back to her videos. And get to see what she’s up to behind the scenes by being a platinum member and getting Snapchat access. It’s worth it, all kinds of access like the first to see this before it released. She really got 3 loads. She’s such a cum dumpster. And I love it. Loved her take to cocks and enjoy it. She knows how to please her fans. 5/5 scene. I’m excited for all the new stuff cuming. I couldn’t make it to the end without cumming. Had to rewatch a few times. Definitely one of her best videos.

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