Pure Anal (Cream Pie)

Finally!!! This is my Very First Anal Video!! I’ve been so excited to shoot an anal video so I’ve been super horned up for a couple of days just thinking about it!! I slept with a glass butt plug that whole week to get my booty stretched out and prepared for a good booty pounding. I called my camera guy over to film and capture all the right angles of my Fan fucking my ass ;) As soon as he walked in, I started sucking his cock to get it nice and hard for me. That didn’t take long because he was so excited to start pounding my round bubbly ass. Then I hopped right on top of him and he slowly entered my ass. Boy did that feel AMAZING!! He started off slow and then increased his speed until he was fucking my ass like it was my pussy! WOW! We switched to missionary position to see how that felt and then finally I wanted to doggy so he can really pound my tight butthole and shoot a huge load. He really went to town on my ass..I loved it. He came so hard and shot the biggest load in my ass! I pushed it all out and it dripped down my thighs but I managed to scoop some of it and get it in my mouth…so hot! Yes my ass was squeaky clean haha… and Yes there will be a lot of Anal videos in the future for sure! This one was one of the hottest and most intense videos I’ve ever shot!! PURE ANAL BABY!! 

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 by Ebro on Pure Anal (Cream Pie)

Ladies and gentlemen

Here we are again admiring this sex goddess named Jade Jayden. She is wearing a very nice outfit. There is something about these type of videos I love and I guess it’s because she is waiting for the fan. As a viewer I know what’s suppose to happen but as I watch, I get very excited waiting for the fan and then the interaction between them. At 1:37 Jade starts to put the clear butt plug in. Then (you have to see this part with the sound all the way up but at the 1:49 mark her asshole sucks the plug in. I mean really Jade? Damn you’re good. Too good. Then we get to 3:20 he arrives and they greet each other laughs and giggles and kisses. My girl at 4:37 licks the shaft and then takes the cock into her mouth. Sucking that dick like no one can. At 7:58 we get a nice booty show. Her on all fours jiggling that nice big ass. Getting a good view of the clear butt plug. At 8:44 for the people like me that love to look at her gorgeous face when she is getting eaten out….that is always amazing to see. After a few minutes she sucks him off again to get him ready and also because she loves to suck cock. At 13:09 she is mounted for anal cowgirl and it was great seeing him enter her. And that’s when the all anal starts and is a great view. At 16:22 she made me pop with that look she gave the camera.(Guys, that look is the look of “you could be doing this to me” look) the camera guy did his thing with the anal shots. Beautiful shots of the cock in the ass and Jade gets really into it. I’m talking about 17:34. That’s what got me going getting hard again as I watched. She gets off and sucks him a bit and then lays on her back for anal missionary. At 19:27 he enters slow and you see his big head slowly entering her ass (hot!). At 25:43 that’s the last position before the anal cream pie. She is on the chair in doggie position. He enters her ass and its off to the races. At 29:19 you get a nice shot of her tricep (I know, I know but it’s hot! She has sexy triceps) at 30:21 he cums in her ass, she knows it and is milking his cock by shaking her ass around (that drives me crazy….in a good way) 30:38 that nasty hot cum leaks out of her asshole and onto her calf and thigh. Perfect video. 10/10 Jade does it again. Shout out to that fan and the camera guy for making a great video!!! Love it!!

 by Steve on Pure Anal (Cream Pie)

Only thing its missing is her giving the lucky guy a rimjob and vice versa

 by Tony on Pure Anal (Cream Pie)

So fucking hot…. Always look forward to seeing this lady in action!

 by Roger on Pure Anal (Cream Pie)

Omg Jade, that was amazing. You have the most amazing ass, and the way you worked it at the very end to make him cum would absolutely make me explode. ????????

 by Alex on Pure Anal (Cream Pie)

This video was absolutely fanfuckingtastic. I love the view from the hotel room; the outfit, the big tits, big ass and of course your consistent excitement in fucking your fans. Any of us would love to see a lady aching to see us prior to our arrival. With your video we get to see it. Damn you look good. Of course, the sucking and fucking are exceptional. All with the outfit remaining on. Of course with the appropriate items missing. I love the visuals of the “skirt: still around your waist. I’m not even really a big anal fan. But, this video hit all the spots. Watching the lucky fan banging that PAWG ass of yours in doggie was super nice at the end. Especially the little tale wagging you did as he was cumming. What a load. Can’t wait for the next one.

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