My First Fuck Machine

I was online one day and doing some research on Fuck Machines and came across this particular one with amazing reviews. The women were raving about it. It got me all horned and I wanted to try it. So I put it on my wish list and a fan bought it for me. When it got home I assembled it together and thought I’d try it for the first time on camera for you guys. I called up my camera guy to cum film me getting fucked by my robot dick lol. I set up a nice comfy mattress in my backyard by the pool and brought my fuck machine out to get a good pounding! I wanted to try a few positions and end up cuming in a doggy style position. Wow, this machine did not disappoint!

I first got on my back and had the machine fuck me missionary for a few minutes and then I thought I’d be a little creative and position the machine to fuck me while I’m standing up. Wow that was so hot and it hit just the right spot in my pussy but it wasn’t close enough to make me cum so I then switched to my favorite position Doggy! I pulled out my favorite Ruby Red butt plug to put it in there while I get fucked. I sucked on the butt plug to lube it up and put it in my ass while I was getting fucked. OMG that felt as amazing as it looked on camera. I then increased the speed of the machine to fuck me a little harder so I can cum so hard on that Robot Dick LOL

As the speed picked up, I literally could not hold out any longer. I came so fucking hard my head was spinning after I was done. It was intense!! I love getting fucked doggy by my new Robot Cock but it still does not compare to a real fan cock inside of me pounding away and making me cum! I love you guys!

Enjoy this amazing video. You will love every kinky minute of it.

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 by Thomas on My First Fuck Machine

Damn I’ve heard of those things and seen a few but never saw one that could stand straight up like that. Seeing you spreading your ass while it pumped up into you maybe me want to slip inside your ass as well. Everything you do is beyond hot.

 by Steven on My First Fuck Machine

Always amazing to watch Jade, wish I was her neighbor so I can get to Fuck her and check her out in person

 by Shots on My First Fuck Machine

I love this content. Insanely hot woman doing insanely hot stuff.

 by Josh on My First Fuck Machine

I love how excited you looked when you were standing over it. Look on your face is priceless

 by Lonestar84 on My First Fuck Machine

Jade pussy is so tight and wet from this machine. Mac and cheese pussy. Loved the outfit moans and playfulness. The butt plug added to the scene. Loved her big tits bouncing as she rode it.

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