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I was visiting Jamaica and really wanted to fuck a fan on the resort that I was staying at. I had set something up with a fan to fuck my tight ass and film it but it fell through because he didn’t get the proper testing done in time. You would be surprised how many times filming falls through with fans because of various reasons. It’s not that easy to coordinate! Luckily, I had a back up stunt cock, my cameraman!! LOL He was with me to document and film my Jamaica trip with my sister Julia and my girlfriend Kat. So a last minute change of plans benefited him haha… He was excited to fuck my tight butt hole with his huge cock. We decided to film my ass getting pounded outside in public so we found a cabana near the bar and walkway. It was happy hour so there was background noise in the video from people hanging out. I wore a big glass butt plug and kept it in to stretch out my ass the night before to get me ready for a good pounding. I also had on a sexy one piece suit with the Jamaican Flag colors that I bought from the shop down the street. Super sexy!

I started sucking his cock to get it hard while he held the camera. As I was sucking it we noticed people watching us from the outdoor bar seating area. He started fucking my pussy for a bit and then I told him to switch to my ass. At one point people were walking by and a girl complimented me while I was getting my ass fucked. I said “Thank you!” It was hot talking to them knowing that they knew I had a cock in my ass. He then flipped me over to do doggy so he could see his huge cock going in and out of my tight asshole. He couldn’t hold it any longer and busted a huge load in my ass and watched it dripping out of my ass on camera while people kept walking by…It was so fucking HOT!! I wanna do it again but with way more people in the background watching but this was a good start. I guess anything goes in Jamaica! I love Jamaica!! 

Bonus Clip at the End! –

I added a clip of my sister Julia sucking my cameraman’s Cock to get him going prior to him pounding my ass. She wanted him to be ready for it and she loved the idea of sucking cock out in public while people were walking around. She didn’t make him cum because he was saving the load for my ass. The clip was shot at the same cabana that I got my ass pounded in. It’s super hot! 

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 by Christian on Anal In Jamaica! In Public!

I can’t believe Jade fucked in public tbh I thought she was kidding but HOLY SHIIT! she’s amazing! And her sister Julia is just as unforgettable! I can’t imagine how amazing their bj skill are won’t be surprised if they make any guy cum in 2 mins lol. I really like her anal videos cause the way she takes them is just so fuckin hot! thank you jade!! Jamaica got lucky to have you

Love watching you get fucked outside. You suck a good cock

Goddamn! How much does it cost to rent that cabana?!? Worth every penny if Jade is in there!

 by Steven on Anal In Jamaica! In Public!

Always a pleasure to see this Hot Slut suck Cock and get Fucked

 by Expat337 on Anal In Jamaica! In Public!

I mean c’mon Jade stop doing such amazingly naughty awesome sex scenes haha. I love the thrill of getting caught and this is fucking perfect!! Anal in public like this is phenomenal. I really can’t wait until we get together again and we can do something public or at least semi-public…fucking outside somewhere perhaps (hiking in the woods?) I can’t wait!

Thanks babe! Looking forward to it! Can't wait to get a gang bang going after all this craziness is over!!

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