Sex On The Beach In Jamaica!

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This is probably one of the HOTTEST videos that I’ve posted to date because it’s all out in public and we actually got in trouble but kept the cameras rolling LMAO!!

So Kat and I decided to go on vacation together to Jamaica. I invited a Fan Bang winner to meet us there to Fuck. We also invited our camera guy to film us and document our slutty vacation. Our goal was to relax and have fun but also shoot some really hot videos while we’re there. Unfortunately, one week before our trip our Fan Bang winner cancelled on us for personal reasons or whatever. So We decided to use our camera guy as our stunt cock to make a video instead. Of course, he’s always happy when a fan cancels or can’t make it! LMAO

SIDE NOTE: We did end up sucking off a Jamaican fan in a cave in a different video post called – Jamaican Jerk & Jizz” 

We started our video of us out by the beach just nude sunbathing in the nice blue ocean of Jamaica and then found a little area where they give massages on the resort that we were staying at. Kat got on one of the tables. I spread her legs open and started eating her out in public while my camera guy filmed. He got super hard and excited and put his cock close to Kat’s mouth while I was eating her pussy so she can suck on it. Kat started sucking on his cock and then 2 security guards came out of nowhere and we got in trouble for messing around on the massage tables. You can see it all go down on camera. Haha The security guard asked him to turn off the camera but he kept recording LMAO. They told us to leave and if we wanted to go do these activities it would have to be in a different area closer to the beach. Jamaica is awesome!! lol We set up some lawn chairs by the water and people were watching us in the background. It was so HOT!!!

Kat and I started sucking the camera guy’s cock right out on the beach in PUBLIC! We sucked his cock for 5 minutes and then I wanted his cock doggie style. Kat took the camera from him and started filming him pounding me like a good little slut. I came so hard and then it was Kat’s turn because she wanted to do doggie too! So I took the camera from her and then he started pounding her pussy doggie style. They switched positions and did reverse cowgirl. She bounced up and down on his cock while bystanders nearby watched. A couple of guys came over and offered to take a few pics of us sucking his cock. So we took them up on their offer. LOL  At one point you can hear me say hi to them while I was filming her getting fucked, and Kat looks back at them and smiles as she rides that cock LOL. It was crazy HOT!!

Kat and I had already came from doggie but I wanted to ride him cowgirl before he busts his nut. Kat grabbed the camera again and I started riding him cowgirl and then he flipped me on my back for missionary. I told him to cum in my pussy so Kat can clean me up and eat all the cum out of my pussy. He blew a nice load in my pussy and slowly pulled out so Kat can catch all the cum in her slutty mouth. She gave him the camera and he filmed Kat slurping, licking, sucking and eating all the cum out of my pussy! Then she gave me a kiss and cum swapped with me! It was so fucking hot! This was hands down a really amazing experience of having sex on a beach out in PUBLIC!!!

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 by Alfredo on Sex On The Beach In Jamaica!

Jade is just one of my favorite sluts is just so easy to see how much she really enjoys be a little whore that we all enjoy to watch as did some in the vid. My baby girl Jade got to work with her seductive slut duo Kate as they enjoy a lucky mans rod. As I say and say again here this lucky man got to have both Kate and Jade to be inside both these women and let them feel euphorically fucked in public truly amazing vid. I will say this I can’t wait for the day I get lucky enough to have Jade let alone her horny duo ????

Absolutely incredible!!! Couldn’t even get through the whole thing before I blew my load. Sexy as Hell!!!

 by Michael R on Sex On The Beach In Jamaica!

God U2 are so fucking hot in this video. It’s totally my dream to have a threesome on the beach no I’d love to be your next fan to fuck in the sea and sand

Amazing from start to finish, you have both Jade and Kat giving the camera man a blow job at the same time, Jade is eating Kats pussy they are putting on a show for everyone to see…literally. The way Jade climbs on top to ride is simply amazing, this video is a must a see and for the grand finale Jade takes a cream pie and afterwards Kat licks it out of her pussy.

Both of you in action with the same cock is too much to handle. Either of you would make it hard to last but the way you share that cock is so sexy I had to cum twice! Kat eating the cum out of your pussy was just the cherry on top of another perfect video.

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