Jade Gets a Load at the Bar

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Since it was my birthday month, I decided to go out and meet up with a super loyal fan named Mike that’s been trying to get with me since he joined my website 5 years ago. I met up with him at a resort/bar and fucked him there. My camera guy was with me to film the whole thing and participate a little bit at the end haha.
I started by first sucking his cock over by where I play darts and before you know it he was fucking me right there by the pool table and then on the chair by the bar LOL We were both a little tipsy and almost got kicked out! …SO NAUGHTY AND SO HOT! So we decided to go upstairs on the deck of the resort for a more private encounter to stay out of trouble LMAO. He took me upstairs and bent me over the couch to shove his throbbing cock deep inside my pussy from behind while he was choking me. I sucked his cock some more while my camera guy got some action and fucked my pussy for a little bit. Mike then told me to ride his cock until he’s ready to shoot a load in my mouth. I wanted a cream pie but he wanted to watch me guzzle his cum..lol Oh well there’s always the next fan that will give me a nice cream pie! He shot a huge load in my mouth and I swallowed it all like a good little CUM SLUT!

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Showing loyalty and dedication to her fans yet again jade goes the extra mile, as a birthday gift to herself she surprises a pioneer of a fan who has waited forever for a glimpse of such a radiating beauty such jade leaving an everlasting memory well worth the wait. Showing true fans that their patience and loyalty will one day be rewarded.

Jade, you bring to life the fantasy of meeting you at a bar and abandoning all inhibitions! Taking a dick between your lovely tits, or swallowing one while awaiting cocktails. Then filling the room with your sounds of pleasure as that dick finds home while others look on with envy. I’ll never tire of watching you cum!

 by Travis on Jade Gets a Load at the Bar

Amazing video! I love watching Jade get bent over and fucked!

 by Lilhue on Jade Gets a Load at the Bar

Again 5 stars as always Jade you always doing and outperforming yourself with each and previous video you ever made ever by adding on more sluttiness, sexiness, and in this case risquéness!! It adds to the true slut that you are Jade and I love it!!

That look that Jade gives you while your cock is in her mouth is the sexiest view. Trust me i know from experience haha! Jade continues to make fans dreams cum true.

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