Fantasy Foursome - 3 Cream Pies

We fulfilled a really big fantasy with one of our Fans on the website. When he signed up and became a Platinum Member he requested that if possible that he would love to meet with all 3 of us. So when his name was selected from the Fan Bang drawing, I read in his notes that his fantasy was to have a Foursome and to cream pie all of us. Being the big Sluts that we are, we all decided that it would be super HOT to invite him over and fill all of our pussies with his HOT CUM! He came over and within minutes we were on our knees in the kitchen sucking his cock and taking turns with the camera recording. (I didn’t have my camera guy to help us that day) We sucked his cock in the kitchen for 10 minutes taking turns and then moved the party to my bedroom. Kat got the first cream pie in her pussy. Julia and I cleaned Kat up together with both of our tongues. Then Julia got the 2nd Cream Pie that Kat cleaned up. I got the 3rd cream pie. It was a nice big load in my pussy that Kat cleaned up and shared it with Julia straight from my pussy …. So FUCKING HOT!! That fan bang winner got the ultimate FOURSOME FANTASY!!! This Snap was epic!!!

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WOW after seeing this I need to try a four some. so fucking HOTTTT.
Those women are the top porn stars…. fucking fans and loving it….that makes the video the best. They are so happy to just fuck…. they enjoy it so much which is why I love watching these vids.

Honestly this might be the best video on this site. Everything that these girls do is real and fun and that is what sex is… have fun and enjoy!

 by Steven Rubi on Foursome Fantasy – 3 Cream Pies

6 out of 5 stars How can I not love 3 Hot beautiful sluts sucking fucking me while I eat pussy and they eat each other out sucking that cum they like so much to taste out each pussy I blow my load in

 by DarkLordofSEX on Foursome Fantasy – 3 Cream Pies

That is one of the luckiest men ever!! Hopefully one day I would love to not only cum in all three of you but also cum in your asses and those pretty mouths of yours. Makes me want to fuck rn xD

OMG !! great Video These girls are what I need , damn I can’t get laid by my girl anymore we used to fuck like jack rabbits, there was no where we wouldn’t fuck on. At least with these videos, I know there’s still some wild hot sluts out there that have no limits and enjoy pleasing and being pleased.

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