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Last summer I stayed at a campground where I fucked alot of fans. I decided to meet up with a member of my website there and shoot a video of us fucking outdoors. I left my RV and started walking towards his cabin he was staying at. I knocked on his door and he was already naked with a hard on waiting for me. haha I thought that was very HOT so I got down on my knees right away and started sucking his hard cock. I wanted to fuck outside so we grabbed a seat outside his cabin. I got on my knees again and started sucking his cock and then I turned around and sat on his cock so I could ride it reverse cowgirl. We fucked for awhile and then I asked him if he wanted to fuck out on the picnic table and of course he didn’t argue with that. I grabbed him by his hard cock like a dog on a leash and brought him over to fuck me missionary on the table. He then wanted to see my bubbly ass while he was fucking me so we changed positions and did doggy until he couldn’t last any longer and unleashed a thick wad of cum all over my slutty tongue. I swallowed as much as I could like a good little slut should. We then walked over to the beach with cum still dripping out of my mouth LOL I love fucking in the Outdoors!!

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Love watching you take dick. Youre such a sexy cumslut.

 by TheProdigy916 on Outdoor Fan Fuck – I Swallow!

Whattup my fellow platinum members. This is my first review of one of Jade’s lovely videos. Let’s start with this: holy fuck Jade is hot. Like. Seriously. Holy fuck. I mean we all know she’s a total smoke show but look in this video of when she’s just walking to the cabin. I repeat: She’s simply walking to a cabin and she could not be any hotter. Watching those ass cheeks slightly bounce as she walked honestly I could’ve jerked off to that. Luckily Jade has more in store for us. She knocks on the door of this lucky MFer and immediately starts blowing him. It’s like she was created in a lab somewhere. She’s too perfect. Credit for this guy for holding his load a respectable time. I’m sure it wasn’t easy. I’m gonna highlight this part at like 3:33 where she’s blowing him in the front yard and she’s squatting in front while the camera is behind her and it just perfectly highlights her ass. Like seriously how does her asshole look more delicious than any meal I’ve ever made in my life? I would continue this review but that’s where I finished and busted another Nut of Tribute to the amazing Jade. Maybe I’ll do a part two in 15min when I’m hard again. Later fuckers ✌🏽

So sexy another gem made by Jade, love the she sucks and seats on his cock. the best part is her laying on the table legs open getting pounded, so hot!!!!.

Another fantastic video! They keep getting better and better! Jade really does love her fans! Great blow job and some reverse-riding fucking! Awesome – loving all of the groaning! Fucked big time on the table…. then my fave… doggy! He consistently rails on Jade from behind! Big time backshots! Grabbing her hips… jeez, those thighs are the best!!! I love watching her get fucked big time from behind! Five stars! Also…. I love the photos from this set!

Hot scene Jade! It was great that he was already primed and ready when you opened the door lol. As usual you fuck and suck with the best of them and the look on your face while he was cumming in your mouth was mesmerizing. Keep being you, girl!

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