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An older gentleman that has been a long time fan of mine on Twitter contacted me and said that his ultimate fantasy was to meet me and record a video of us. He seemed really nice so I figured why not? lol…We set up a date to meet up and I set up all my GoPros to capture all the candid action. The minute he walked in I could see his hard on thru his pants and he seemed really giddy and excited to get right to it. We got on the bed and started kissing. I started by giving him a nice BJ and chit chatted a bit about my old videos when I was 18 while stroking his cock. He then asked if he can fuck my ass. At first I was hesitant because he was pretty thick but I thought that it would be hot if he dumped his first load in my ass. I was wearing a butt plug for him when he walked in so I told him to pull it out of me and replace it with his cock. Boy was he pleased to hear that! He started pounding away at me doggy style. He kept on saying how tight my ass was. He just couldn’t hold out any longer and with in less then a minute he busted a huge load deep inside my ass….I tried to squeeze it out but couldn’t but I felt his warm cum fill my ass up! …So HOT!!!

I starting sucking his cock again and gagging on it and then he wanted to fuck my pussy and cream pie me. I told him that I wanted to wear my heart shaped Butt Plug while he fucked my tight pussy so I can feel it. After gagging on his cock for a few minutes, I got on my back and into position. He started pounding away at my tight pussy while I was dirty talking and telling him how hot it was that he was filling both my holes up today and fucking me while my ass was occupied with a butt plug. He was so turned on that he busted his second load in my pussy so quickly. We then took a 15 minute break and I cleaned up and changed into a different sexy outfit. I told him that he wasn’t leaving until I got a third load out of him so he started eating me out first for awhile until I came so hard! He’s such a good pussy licker! I asked him to do me lazy doggy so he can see my ass getting pumped with his cock while I had the Heart shaped Butt Plug inside me. He gave me another load and he was spent after that. Overall, it was a hot time with a really nice twitter fan that appreciates a good slut that will take a Cream Pie in both holes!!

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