Anal Slut in Vegas

I was such a fucking slut that day! I fucked 3 fans back to back and he was the first one of the day. He wanted to fuck my tight ass so bad. My camera guy wasn’t available so I set up a GoPro and used my iPhone to record different camera angles to get close-up of my pussy and asshole getting pounded. I wore a butt plug to stretch out my ass because he wanted to pound me away. So HOT!! If you love being that fly on the wall and see what goes on behind closed doors then this is the video for you!!
He got undressed and hopped on the bed for me to suck his cock. I had my butt plug in while I was sucking his cock. I sucked his cock for a long time but then we both wanted to fuck. We did several positions. He got on top of me and did missionary, then I got on top of him and rode him cowgirl. I grabbed my phone and I showed the angle where he slides his cock right in. I rode his dick until I came on his cock. At one point, I thought he had already cum in my pussy because was I so wet and horny. In the video, you hear me asking him if he came in my pussy and I realized it was me that was so wet LOL ..You will see in the video how I finesse the camera around my big bubbly butt to capture the angles of his cock sliding in and out of my tight pussy. We then switched to doggy and he really got a good rhythm going fucking my pussy. When it came time for him to fuck my asshole, I told him to pull out my butt plug and replace it with his cock LOL…He pulls it out and then slips his cock in my tight ass. Wow, that felt so good! He started pounding my ass hard. I kept begging him to cum in my ass but he had a different plan in mind. LOL His fantasy was pulling out and unloading his thick white jizz all into my mouth after it’s been in my tight asshole. So he did just that!! He pulls out of my ass and gets on the edge of the bed and unloads a nice thick load in my mouth! ATM!! LOVE IT!! Wow, that was super hot!! I’m such a dirty little SLUT.

(Duration: 18 mins 37 secs)  $15.00 for Pay Per Video

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 by zellyboi on Anal Slut in Vegas

God your anal vids are so hot. If you like the free hand go pro views, as well as the skill it takes to fuck and get the right angles yourself, then you will appreciate Jade and her mastery of her craft

 by Big E on Anal Slut in Vegas

I love that go pro action, its so sexy and seems really up close and personal and you once again did your thing you are just so damn sexy and beautiful with the bum sex game! Damn Jade you number one in my book!!!
Yours truly your number 1 fan!

 by Ed on Anal Slut in Vegas

Amazing video as always the way you really enjoy yourself while still trying to get the best angles for us. Seeing the butt plug in the beginning was a big turn on showed you were ready to have that little hole stretched out and hearing you moan as the dick slid right in your ass. Personally I would cum anywhere you asked me to but understand why dude chose to cum in your mouth watching having those beautiful eyes looking up at you as I fill your mouth with cum and watch you swallow it all and you finish sucking up to the last drop is really hot.

 by Michael on Anal Slut in Vegas

Ive been a fan for a while now and i enjoy every video you post

Best in the game and truly someone i wanna cross of my bucketlist

Your #1 in my book babe

 by Michael on Anal Slut in Vegas

Oh my God Jade you never fail to put out a fucking hot video it was worth the wait! Just seeing your juicy booty bounce on that cock made me wish it was mine! I would love for it to be true soon ;) Great work made me cum twice :D

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