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Naughty Jade in Jamaica – Cave BJ

Jade and Kat JamaicaHi Guys! I want to tell you guys about one of the wildest vacations I have ever been on. Ever since hearing about the nude resorts in Jamaica I have been curious about the experience. You guys know I am carefree and open-minded when it comes to sex and being naked, but what would it be like to be around hundreds of other people with the same attitude? I really wanted to know. So, after talking to Kat about it we decided to book a trip to an adult resort near Negril in Jamaica. It turned out to be an amazing week in total fucking (literally) ;) paradise! Here is a story about Naughty Jade in Jamaica!

So we got to Jamaica and arrived at the resort. When we checked in, the young Jamaican woman at the front desk asked if we had ever been there before. We told her it was our first time and she said, “Welcome to Hedonism II – You’re virgins!”  Of course, we laughed about that. Haha :) We finished checking in and had the luggage brought to our room. We didn’t bring much because we planned on being clothes free for much of the trip lol.

The room was great and we decided to go walk around and check the place out. People all around the resort were having fun and being totally free. We saw people swimming, laying by the pool, walking along the beach, laughing and playing — most of them were wearing nothing but sunscreen. I even saw one guy pleasuring a woman with his hand while they were lying in a cabana right by the pool. I knew right away we were in for some naughty adventures. We spent the rest of the day working on our all-over tans – of course in our birthday suits. 

Kat and I had signed up for a snorkeling trip scheduled for the next morning. So the next day we went out on this boat and anchored near a reef.  The water was super blue, clear and pretty warm, so we decided to snorkel in the nude. We only had flippers on, masks, snorkels, and lifejackets tied around our waists. I really love swimming naked. Once we were in the water we saw all kinds of colorful tropical fish. It was so cool to see this exotic underwater world and it felt so good to be completely nude out in the water. 

Jamaica BJ Naughty jadeThere was something else though that caught my eye on that snorkeling trip. It was this Jamaican guy on the boat, and even though he had shorts on, I could see he had a really big cock. I told Kat we should figure out a way to suck that guy’s dick lol. She laughed and told me I must be reading her mind because she had the same dirty idea. We started talking to him.  He was from the area and he told us about this cave where we could also go and snorkel.

I loved his Jamaican accent. We asked him if he would take us there and show us the cave, and he said he would be happy to show us and we could check it out. The way he was looking at Kat’s and my body, and how the bulge in his shorts was growing… I knew there wasn’t going to be a lot of snorkeling going on in that cave. :)

He led us to the cave, and one thing led to another. Once we were inside I put my hand on the bulge at his crotch. Even though he was the one to lead us to there, Kat and I would be taking charge from here. We both got down on our knees and I pulled down his shorts. His huge cock sprung to life, and Kat and I looked at each other and giggled. Let the adventure begin! We took turns licking and sucking his long hard dick. I slid his cock between my big tits and licked the tip of his cock. While I was sucking him Kat watched in anticipation until it was her turn again. We took turns passing his dick back and forth until he couldn’t take it anymore and shot his hot load all over my chest. 

Of course, we had a camera guy with us because we wanted to get lots of pics and video to share with our fans! Check out a few of the pictures from that day, and stay tuned for the video that is being edited now and will be up really soon! That day was just one of our crazy sexy adventures in Jamaica, and I can’t wait to tell you about the next one, too! ;)

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