The Plan – EDC Las Vegas

Naughty Jade Jayden

Hey Guys! It’s Naughty Jade!

So it’s been awhile since I posted on my blog which was my very first one on here. But I’m one of those people that doesn’t feel the need to write a blog post unless I feel it’s really interesting and worth writing about. I promise I’ll try to write more. I want to keep you updated on some of my sexy slutty adventures. It’s been such a busy, crazy and exciting run so far since I’ve launched my website July of last year. You guys have been so supportive and I love you all!

Well guess what? Kat and I are going to EDC – Las Vegas and we are doing it big this year! This will be such a huge and important event that I just HAD to write about it!

We are renting an RV in Vegas and going to camp out at EDC this year! It’s gonna be an amazing trip and we’ll be sure to include you in on all of the Fan Fun that will be taking place at EDC and beyond! We will be partying and dancing our asses off naked! (well at least almost naked) and Fucking a lot of our fans that are going to be there. But FIRST, we will take a pre-vacation before our big vacation! Lol

So here’s the plan…..

We land in Vegas on May 14 and pick up our RV then we head out to an RV camping sight to go hiking, swimming, and just enjoy what the outdoors has to offer and of course we will be doing what we always do best – take sexy naked pics/videos and documenting our sexy little adventure and be ONE with nature ;)

It’s gonna be so HOT….literally lol… so we plan to do a lot of naked things out in public to cool off. ;) Kat and I both LOVE to hike. So we are gonna attempt to hike naked without getting into too much trouble haha. Well at least we will wear almost nothing and maybe find someone on the trails to have a little fun with ;) We have a couple of Fan Bang Winners that might meet us out there so that should be fun :)

After some outdoor adventures, we will head out on the 18th with our RV to EDC and camp out there. That’s when the real fun begins! We’ve already arranged for a few fans to cum fuck both me and Kat in the RV and We CAN NOT wait!!

If you are on my PREMIUM SNAP then you will get to see all the hot action and trouble we get into. Can’t fuck all of you (I wish!) but we will do our best to get as many cocks in our pussies, mouths, and asses as we possibly can. Lol We hired a camera guy to cum along for the ride to help out and take plenty of videos and pics. We post on PREMIUM SNAP, Twitter, and later on …you guys are gonna LOVE it! (and yes we’ll probably fuck him too!)

So this is it in a nutshell what I’ve been busy doing…planning, planning and more planning…to party Like a Rockstar! I mean Pornstar! No Fuck it!… Party like Both!! Lmao

-Naughty Jade